Writing: Positive, Negative, Persuasive Message

Writing: Positive, Negative, Persuasive Message

Sample Business Letter





Mrs. Clara Winters Return Address (Eliminate if Company Letterhead is used)

12187 S. Polo Dr.

Fairfax, VA 22030


May 26, 2018 Date



The Tiny Tots Toy Company Inside Address

15456 Pyramid Way College Park, FL 33133


Dear Customer Service Representative Salutation


I recently purchased one of your Tiny Tents (Model # 47485) for my three-year old. Unfortunately, after viewing the components that came with the product, I discovered that four of the parts were missing. Also, the instructions that came with the tent are incomplete. Both of these situations have resulted in the tent remaining unassembled and unacceptable as a toy for my daughter.


I am writing to request replacements for the missing parts, and a copy of the full set of assembly directions for the model I purchased. If reasonable arrangements are not made within ten business days, I will return the tent to the store I purchased it from and expect a full refund. To assist you in processing my request, I am including a copy of my sales receipt and a list of the missing parts.


I have purchased other toys manufactured by your company in the past, and have always been impressed with the quality and selection Tiny Tots has made available to its customers. I sincerely hope this is a one-time incident, and that any future purchases I make will live up to the standard my family has come to expect from your company.


Sincerely, Closing




Clara Winters Typed Name and Position


Enclosures: 2 Abbreviations

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