Write a 3-4 page (excluding title page an references page) paper applying a nursing philosophy to nursing practice.

Write a 3-4 page (excluding title page an references page) paper applying a nursing philosophy to nursing practice.

Explanation for grading the reflection paper follows:

Grading Components

Reflect on what is important to you as an individual and as a nursing student. Think about what you believe and what you value. Develop a paper that includes the following:

  • Personal Values (4 points): Identify three values and beliefs that are important to you personally.
  • Professional Values (4 points): Identify the values and beliefs that are important in nursing practice and why you feel they are important.
  • Alignment of Values (3 points): Describe where your personal values or beliefs align with the values and beliefs in nursing practice.
  • Nursing Theory (6 points): Identify a nursing theory that resonates with your personal belief system
  • Conclusion (5 points): Based on your personal and professional beliefs and values, explain how these can make a difference in your patient’s lives.
  • Scholarly Writing (3 points)


Step 1/2

Nursing is a profession that is rooted in professional ethics and values. As a nurse, we should have professional value because our ultimate aim is to provide comprehensive, quality healthcare services to all needy people.
1) Personal values and beliefs-
Personal value is the principal thing that guides our behavior. Belief is the thing that we consider true. Sources of values and beliefs are family, peer group, culture, religion, society, educational organization, etc.
My personal values and beliefs include-
Kindness—this is one of my personal values that guide my behavior. This means treating others as I want to be treated by others. this value helps to do good for others.
Love: Love is another personal value, and it means giving love to others. If we have love and we want to see others grow, we do things for others’ wellness.
Happiness-happiness is the personal value that helps me become happy always and eliminates the things that make me feel sad.
These are all personal values that help to tackle our life goals as early as possible.
2)Professional values and beliefs-
Nursing is a unique profession that deals with the life of an individual and does things that are intended to be good for each individual. Professional values and beliefs are important for the sound functioning of the nursing profession. Professional values and beliefs are rooted in the standard of ethics.
The professional value and beliefs include
Autonomy- in my profession we need to treat individuals in their unhealthy condition. As a nurse, we respect an individual’s own values and decisions. The value of autonomy aims to respect the patient and do things according to the decision.
As a nurse, we always keep our professional dignity. “Dignity” means our actions are always focused on the patient’s well-being. So, nurses should show dignity to patients.
Honesty: Honesty is what other professionals value and is also considered important. Honesty means telling the truth to the patient. As a nurse, we have the responsibility, to tell the truth regarding patient health and the progress of health status.
Precision and accuracy in caring are important to follow this value because in nursing we provide comprehensive health care to patients and deal with the lives of patients. So, accurate and precise care is important for patient well-being; otherwise, it will lead to patient harm.
Human relationships—this is also a professional value. In the nursing profession, we deal with human beings, so sound relationships are needed to provide the best care for them.
Individual and professional competence: This value focuses on professional development. Every individual should be competent in providing the best care and improving careers in nursing.
Justice means doing good for the patient.
These all are important values and beliefs including nursing based on the nursing standards.
Step 2/2
3) Alignment of the values-Every individual has their own values these values are get from their families, peer groups, and society. When an individual becomes a nurse there is the alignment of personal values and professional value occurs. If an individual with good values can follow the professional value. some conflicts are happening at the beginning and sound alignment is needed to achieve our professional goals and objectives. Professional value is rooted in personal value. Professional values and personal values should go hand in hand to achieve desired goals and behavior.
4) Application to another profession nursing needs patient Application to another profession of nursing theory into nursing practice is important for providing quality care to the patient.
The theory of Dorothea Orem’s self-care deficit nursing describes that every individual help people who cannot take care of themselves. In this aspect as a nurse, we have the responsibility to supply care based on patient needs when they can’t care for themselves. while caring for the patient we set some value to achieve the desired goal.
Jean Watson’s human caring theory brings significant focus to the nursing discipline and views nursing as a separate profession compared to other professions. The nursing profession needs basic discipline for providing care to the patient. Discipline in the sense set of professional values and ethics
5)personal and professional value is important to provide the best care for the patient.
The values and beliefs help to provide care with the best outcome. This care helps to save the life of the patient and results in patient satisfaction.
Final answer
The described values and beliefs when implemented can do justice to the nursing profession.
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