Read the attachment and answer the following questions thoroughly.

Why Should My Conscience Bother Me Discussion Preparation

1. Who is principally to blame for the unethical behavior? (Select two individuals that are most responsible for the brake situation that developed at Goodrich.)

2. Which ONE of the pitfalls or risks identified by Bazerman and Tenbrunsel best accounts for Lawsons and each of his coworkers decisions and actions (or lack thereof)? Briefly justify your selection.

3. What could Lawson have done differently to prevent the production of a flawed brake?  Be specific.

4. Have you ever contemplated “blowing the whistle”–either internally to someone within the organization or externally to someone outside the organization–in response to a situation at work (or elsewhere)?
    -List the factors and/or considerations that ultimately influenced your decision to engage in whistle blowing (or not), or would influence your decision did you ever find yourself confronted with such a situation.
    -Briefly explain how these factors and/or considerations did (or would) influence your ultimate decision whether or not to engage in some kind of formal whistle blowing activity.

5. Reflecting on your own experience and what you have learned from the readings, what can management do to promote ethical behavior?

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