Why is disease prevention important?

Visit the National Coalition on Health Care Website. Briefly describe who they are, what they do, and their principles for improving our current health care system.
• http://www.nchc.org/
1. What is the American Medical Association doing to expand coverage for the uninsured?
2. Visit the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Website. Choose a specific population and also a disease that the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality is researching. Briefly discuss the scope of the problem, background, as well as the impact of AHRQ Research.
• http://www.ahcpr.gov/
1. Why is it important to have a balance of all five health components?
2. Briefly describe an example (not discussed in the lecture) of how one can participate in primary prevention.
3. Why is disease prevention important? Explain your answer in a few short paragraphs.
4. Visit the American Diabetes Association Website. Complete their risk test. Briefly explain the results.
• http://www.diabetes.org/risk-test.jsp
1. Visit the Healthy People 2010 Website, review the PowerPoint slide presentation at the link listed below, and answer the following questions using information from both the slides and Website.
• Health People – Website
1. How many focus areas are there? List five.
2. What were the previous initiatives titled?
3. What are the four health pillars?
4. How many Americans die each year of a chronic disease?
5. Visit the Healthy People 2010 Website. List and briefly discuss 5 links featured on the site that can help people make better choices about their health care.
• Health People – Website
1. List the two goals of Healthy People 2010. How do these relate to the three categories of health behavior?
2. Discuss the various ways that Healthy People 2010 is being implemented throughout the country.

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