Need Initial Post of 500 words and two replies of 350 words each. I will send the replies later. No Plagiarism. Initial Post is due in 24 hours.


Do a SWOT analysis on yourself based on the megatrends and discuss your individual development plan towards developing the global leadership.

  • Post at least one primary response no later than Wednesday midnight Eastern Standard Time to allow other student’s time to respond to your post.
  • At least two secondary posts should be completed by Sunday midnight on different days to allow students time to benefit from your thoughts and to send an additional response if necessary.
  • Discussion postings should be approximately 500-700 words for your primary response and 300-400 words for the secondary response.
  • Please note that the posts should reflect thoughts in your own words and not reproduce any content verbatim from any Internet sites or other materials.
  • Communicate in complete sentences, concise, focused paragraphs, and precise language. Excessively wordy postings are not an advantage, but overly brief posts have little to contribute to the discussion. Provide adequate support for your postings; only agree or disagree with your colleague is not appropriate.
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