Week 5 Discussion 1 Response

This is just a response to two discussion from two of my classmate. Their discussions is on the instruction page down below. please read the guideline for the responses. Each discussion needs to be responded to

Instruction for Week 5 Discussion 1 Response only (This is not for week 5 Discussion 2)


Please Read First This

If this peer was your employee, how would you help them advance their career based on their completed IDP? Review their completed IDP and their explanation before responding. Respond to the following questions and please remember to be professional with your feedback. Do not forget, you are taking the role of their superior here and your feedback should show them you are committed to their growth as an employee.


· What additional training or ideas do you have regarding how they can achieve each of their developmental goals? Make sure to provide ideas for each goal individually. If you need to, do some research to give them additional ideas to consider.

· How else can they use their strengths listed to achieve their goals?

· Based on their justification for their goals, is there any other commentary or idea you have for them as their superior?


Below are the Two Discussion needed response (Follow the instruction above to guide your responds)



This is the first Discussion by David Geusen


My five strengths from the CliftonStrength Results assessment are Input, Intellection, Restorative, Achiever, and Learner. When assessing my individual development plan (IDP) I thought about what job title I wanted next in my company. Liablity claims manager (LCM) is the next position that I hope to achieve however it should be a good amount of years until then. To be an LCM I need to have more background with premise liability claims as well as litigation experience. I built my development goals based on these two building blocks in my career.

Two opportunities revealed in my IDP are time management and support from peers and upper management. Time management is the biggest hurdle in obtaining my developmental goals because of a various amount of reasons. The first being that all the activities are outside my scope of normal duties. My current position is to help develop and lead field claim representatives. To obtain these goals I will need to focus on trainings and court hearings outside of what I normally do. My Clifton Strength “achiever” should help me overcome these obstacles because I have a constant need for achievement. I will not settle with a current role during my tenure with the company. The only option is up.

The other opportunity is obtaining support from peers and upper management. This is not because they are unavailable or do not create an environment for career progression, they are the extreme opposite. When it comes to dealing with litigated and complex injury/fatality cases the amount of peer support lessens to people in virtual roles that are not easily reached. I will need to reach out and form a professional relationship over time. My Clifton Strength “Input” will help overcome this obstacle because I have the tendency to ask a lot of questions and collect information. The more people I reach out to for case outcomes and verdicts, the more I will become immersed in the specific field.


Individual Development Plan.pdf




This is the Second discussion from Kyle Jablonski


My Top 5 CliftonStrengths Results:

· Competition

· Individualization

· Relator

· Analytical

· Significance

The first opportunity I have personally been working on is competition. Although many may see this as a glaring strength, for me personally it does lead to some issues. Getting hyper-focused on the task at hand, sometimes I do forget that there are other people that do exist. Sometimes I do forget that I can bring other people into a project as well instead of powering through by myself. Also, at points, life becomes a checklist of getting things done. Taking a step back, slowing down and looking at the reasoning why behind something can have tremendous value.

The other opportunity is analytical, while this trait can certainly be useful, it does take the human factor out of the equation where 1 plus 1 doesn’t always equal 2. There are points in time where I have analyzed data and prepared and made a plan around that data and something happens where the plan is no longer valid. The opportunity to adjust on the fly is something that I have had to do in my current role and throughout my life.

· Competition: This is my drive when I am bored I set up miniature competitions against myself. I thoroughly enjoy being in the heat of the moment and I know myself, I am willing to pay a high price to win out against the competition and obtain a goal I have set for myself. I believe this comes from the drive of hating to lose.


· Individualization: This trait will aid in creating separation from other candidates and fellow co-workers. Having the ability to instinctively do or create something unique adds value to an organization.


· Relator: This is a large value add for establishing and furthering relationships with agencies and the people I meet from those agencies. Being able to find commonality with an organization is one of the primary skills needed in the business world. This also applies internally as well, creating relationships with people from different departments allows for 2-way communication.


· Analytical: This skill enables the ability to research and inspect data not just to know what the metrics are, but to also see trends and have a deeper insight into what may happen in the future. Being able to look at data and make different adjustments when looking at a future date in order for a better outcome is where the real value is.


· Significance: This trait can be seen as a significant disadvantage, but this is the main driver to stand out, possibly do something big or take a calculated risk that would benefit the organization. The need to stand out means that details sometimes need to be paid a little closer attention to in order to stand out from others.


The job description I used is the Regional Vice President of distribution. These goals with my strongest attributes, looked at in a positive light will allow me to:

Continuously improve, whether it be metrically or my soft skills (Competition) along with continuously setting goals to further better my situation.

Create marketing strategies and sales ideas to stand out, not just from external competition, but internal competition as well (Individualization). It will allow me to become an out of the box thinker to separate myself.

I need to be able to make connections with every person I meet so that a person wants to sell our products (Relator). Being able to relate to that individual or on stage with an organization is a main portion of the role.

There are a lot of moving parts in the life insurance and finance world and distribution reflects these changes as well (Analytical). Being able to look at trends and predict ups and downs, and being able to analytically find why the lows are happening and make corrections if a huge asset to the RVP role.

The drive to have something unique and a different story to tell is something that comes from within (Significance). Having a purpose or a cause is contagious and people can feel that energy. This is a difference-maker when in a room with a group of different careers.

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