You are required to design a customized software for your client, who happens
to own a restaurant at a
tourist place. Due to the shortage of manpower the owner wants to automate some
processes. The client
wants  to  have  a  computerized  display  on  the  entrance  for  booking of 
tables.  Using  the  same,  customer
should be able to check for vacant tables and select tables too for booking.
The restaurant has 10: 2-seater
tables; 5: 4-seater tables and 2: 10-seater tables. Apart from that customer
should be able to place order for
food and should be able to see the bill when done. The client also wants to
update items, their prices and
the table status as per the need. The new system should be able to generate
various types of reports as the
final outcome. After interview you have understood the requirements and done
the feasibility study before
proposing the new system.

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