We are the future of Psychology, we will join the ranks of those who have paved the way for us. We are going to make individuals lives easier and more enjoyable to live in every aspect, no matter what avenue you take in psychology.

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Greetings Professor and Fellow Classmates,

This has been a wonderful journey for which I will never forget. Thank you to all for making this a most enjoyable learning environment. We have endured this race until the end and we shall all receive our crowns. Graduation is a few months away and I hope to see all of you there. Be safe on your time off and be victorious on the path you choose after APUS. Be successful as you embark on the steps necessary to achieve optimal satisfaction with your home, family and career. To have it all is achievable, and conceivable it requires being believable. This is our last and final week  for some of us before we step into our futures. Lets do it with grace. I couldn’t have made it through had it not been for my classmates and knowledgeable instructors. I’d like if we’d all stand right now where we are at and give your self a big hand clap and wrap your arms around yourself, that’s me giving you a virtual hug. I will take this experience with me into my masters program and career. I will always cherish these last lessons most. They are the icing on the cake, learning how to conduct an interview was certainly new to me, we will have many more, especially as I/O Psychologist. Shout out to my fellow I/O Psychologist.

We are the future of Psychology, we will join the ranks of those who have paved the way for us. We are going to make individuals lives easier and more enjoyable to live in every aspect, no matter what avenue you take in psychology.

I enjoyed doing the research for my annotated bibliography of The Woman’s Liberation Movement. The entire research was emotional and if your not entirely sure what it was about do research it.  I will be forever changed as a woman having learned the hardships woman have had to endure from since the late 1800’s. Women of all races and cultures were treated unfairly. The field we are entering wasn’t always in favor of women however we snuck right by them. We fought long and hard and are now given the respect we deserve. The process in completing the assignment caused a lot of reflection on my life, my path and being a woman in general. I feel so blessed, challenged in life but never the less blessed.

The three most interesting aspects of this course is for certain our weekly forums. In these forums it has been our time to connect, reflect and understand from someone else’s perspective. Sometimes I just didn’t get the lesson and it wasn’t until I read someone else’s point of view that it clicked for me.

The interview sealed the deal folks, I was stressing over who I’d interview, joined a professional organization and got an interview the next morning after sending out a bulk of emails. 10 to be exact, I interviewed a gentleman with 43 years in the field who has seen a vast amount of changes and he continues to work in the field doing consulting. He constructed and designed several programs which won him honors, awards and worldwide recognition.

The annotated bibliography is another take away. I didn’t realize just how much I was able to endure and continue to be successful, until I read what other women have endured before me. In my book which I will finish, I will discuss the many challenges I’ve faced in life and how I’ve overcome. I believe for certain its just in some of our characters to be trend setters and over-comers. As Mya Angelou had stated,”I am a phenomenal woman.”

I will take away a firm grasp of who I am, what my purpose is moving forward and what I’ll be doing for the next several years until retirement. I will apply research methods, study methods and overall perseverance to every aspect of my masters degree program, these are aspects I wasn’t sure I had fully grasped until now.

Thank you again for making this capstone class unforgettable.

Love you all,

Peace, Love and Happiness

Signing off,



My final undergraduate forum post, in all its glory:


Part I:

It seems like years ago that we were completing the annotated bibliography assignment! We have done so much since then! That being said, there were definitely lessons learned during that assignment and some interesting takeaways. The most interesting thing about the topic I selected, which was PTSD, is the fact that it takes a while to develop. This can make it tricky to diagnose as a client may not realize that events from long ago could have a profound effect later in life. The most interesting thing about the process was trying to contain the information from the selected sources into a couple paragraphs. The articles that I found had so much good information packed into them that it made it rather difficult to extract the important bits and give the overview required for the assignment.


Part II:

We have definitely been through a lot of subject matter in this course, though it did not feel that way as it was happening. One of the more interesting thing for me was learning about professional organizations. I know I have spoken quite a lot about these organizations since the week we discussed them, but I don’t feel I can talk about them enough. They seem to offer just as much, if not more, than the formal education we are currently receiving. Of course, the information they offer is different from academics, but it is still important and valuable. The next interesting aspect about this course has to be learning about the different professional areas we could aspire to enter once we complete the requisite education. Psychology is a broad field to begin with, but when an undergraduate degree in psychology could lead to working in the medical field or even in the law enforcement field, you know it’s an interesting choice. Finally, the most interesting aspect of this course has to be the forum discussion interactions with all of you. Each of us has brought our own perspective to the material here and even their own life experience.


I’m not entirely sure if I’m happy or sad that this course is coming to a close. In any event, I wish all of you the best in the future!




Hello class,

Part 1

First let me say that I have enjoyed these last eight weeks.  My topic was the opioid epidemic that we face today.  One thing that I found interesting about my topic was the volume of people that are affected everyday due to opioid addiction.  This includes not only the person who is addicted but also their family and friends.  Along that same line it was interesting to me that many of those who go through drug rehabilitation have to repeat rehab.  As well, opioid addiction does not discriminate.  It affects the wealthy, the poor, educated, and uneducated.

Along the lines of completing the process of constructing the annotated bibliography there was so much information that I found that sometimes it was hard to eliminate certain scholarly sources because of the huge volume of information.  In fact, it would not be hard for me to simply focus on the opioid addiction in my state of West Virginia.  There were large number of articles and sources that were specific to the state of West Virginia.

Part 2

One thing that I learned in this class was that there are numerous occupations that deal with psychology.  We often think of psychology as only involving a counselor and his or her patient discussing problems.  However, there are many opportunities in the field of psychology such as forensics and industrial organizational psychology that are newer fields but are also important for various reasons.  The second thing that I found interesting was the interview assignment.  This process allowed me to become more familiar with a field of psychology that I had not looked at prior to this interview.  The third thing that I found interesting was all of the different feedback and interactions with my fellow students.  We are a diverse group of people with many beliefs and opinions.  This is what makes this class exciting to me.

From this course the most important thing that I will take away is that psychology can be applied to almost any person or any area of our population.  It is not just lying on a couch and discussing problems.  It can involve the legal system, HR departments, and the educational field.  I think I will apply my course take away by expanding my occupational searches and not limit myself to one specific area of psychology.

I wish everyone the best in all of your future endeavors.


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