Water Footprint Report

Assignment 11.1 – Water Footprint Report Part A

Compute your personal water footprint using the Water Footprint Calculator, briefly discuss the results, and comment on whether you would or would not voluntarily change your behavior concerning water consumption, broadly speaking, and if so, how you would accomplish this.

Assignment 11.1 – Water Footprint Report Part B

Choose a country that is likely to be dramatically affected by global climate change with respect to its freshwater resources. How should this country adapt considering its economy, politics, resources, and global actions? As a leader of this country’s water resources agency, what actions would you implement for water conservation? Summarize the findings and comments for Parts A and B in a 2-3 page written report that includes the both numeric results of your personal (or family) water footprint and those of the country you’ve chosen.

Water Footprint Calculator link: https://waterfootprint.org/en/resources/interactive-tools/personal-water-footprint-calculator/

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