Walmart- The Product Is Meal Prep In Walmart

Walmart- The Product Is Meal Prep In Walmart

II. Action Program: – Spells out how marketing strategies will be turned into specific programs that answers the following:

1) what will be done ? – answered in attached file

2) when will it be done ?

just answer the second question is when will it be done (meal prep in walmart) based on the answer in attached file.

1 and half page long ( not included the reference page )

please cite the sources.

In deciding what marketing strategy to use, we looked at all the types of marketing strategy. In beginning our market strategy we had to first come up with our idea making sure that it would be profitable, that we would have a feasible market in which to target, and then finding and locating that target market and after all that we can then decide on what type of marketing strategy to use (Adams, 2017). In marketing our meal prep we were deciding on the best way to get our product to our target market and using an effective strategy. In order to reach the most visibility of our market we would use a combination of traditional marketing and innovative tools to be successful (Penn, N.D.). We have decided to use the following:

1. Branding – this is the most important strategy we will use. This will relate to our promise to our customers that will show why our brand in better and more affordable than our competition. Some of the reasons is that we have better prices, by being in Wal-Mart we have a better location and is easily accessible to our consumers, which also makes it more convenient for our customers.

2. Print Advertising and Marketing Materials – this is having our company logo and identifying graphics that they will recognize as our product. This will include newspapers, magazines, flyers, brochures, catalogs and newsletters.

3. Direct Mail – this can be used as direct email as well. Once we have our target market (by age, gender or income) we can purchase mailing list and then either send out email blast or flyers through the mail.

4. Radio and Television ads – this will be a way to show our customers and potential customers of what some of the meal prep recipes are, how the ingredients are packed and over the radio have it explaining and listing some of the most popular meal preps, where to find them, and if we were to have sales then the time frame for that promotion.

5. Social Networking and Advertising – this is the newest and most popular way to reach the younger market from the mid-20s to the mid-30s who rely heavily on social media. This will be best and easiest way to reach this target market by using in app ads. We will have a website and have ads on Facebook and Twitter so that we are able to show and display our products (new and old). This will also allow us to advertise any promos or sales or new recipes so as we continue to grow and expand.

6. Electronic Barcode – this new technology will allow us to have the 1-inch square that we can display on our business cards, on a poster, our product bags and recipe cards. This will all our customers to be able to use an app on their smart phone or table that will allow them to “read” our barcode and will lead them to our website or to our online informational site.

By using these marketing strategies, we will be able to increase or profit and get the most out of our advertising and marketing budget. Some of these strategies, like social media, can be done by our company’s media department thus cutting down on that advertising budget. By using our own employees and departments in some cases, it can help to reduce our marketing cost. The employees are paid by the company so that cost would be included in our employee cost and allow us that in the event we need to spend a little more in advertising and marketing in another area we can use that cut in the cost to allocate to the area where we are needing funds


Adams, R.L. September 12,2017. 10 Marketing Strategies to Fuel Your Business Growth. Retrieved from URL


Penn, Sharon. N.D. Five Marketing Strategies for the Small Business. Retrieved from URL

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