Walmart Paper Assignment, 3-4 Pages

Walmart Paper Assignment, 3-4 Pages

I have a paper work assignment about Walmart and it is 3 to 4 pages about the history of that organization and the founder and its success story.

Instructions of this paper is attached

Make sure not to copy because it will be submitted through turnitin.

I need the paper  ASAP in 7-18 hours.

Assignment topic: Walmart


Instructions for the assignment:

Include an introduction, body, conclusion.



· History of the organization (When was it founded, what were the challenged that the company faced at the beginning).

· Background of the organization (type of company, and its major business).

· Names of the founders.



· Statistics

· Challenges that the business faced.

· The success story of the organization.

· Any discretion the business faced.



· Value of the whole business as of today.

· Value of the brand.

· What benefit did you get out of this story?



Instruction for the paper:


1. The citation of each reference must be in the body of the text such as John (2019) or John et al (2019) or (John, 2019) or (John et al, 2019) etc.

2. Reference must be current 2010 and above.

3. Make your file word and not PDF.

4. The space between lines in the text must be 1.5.

5. Letter style must be Times New Roman with 14 font size.

6. Page margins must be 2.5 cm left and right.

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