Obviously, everybody has different skill sets. The goal of this lesson is not to become an Olympic volleyball player. Instead, it is to learn/improve some basic volleyball skills. For this assessment, you should experiment with your passing, serving, and setting. (Perhaps the local YMCA has pick-up volleyball games in which you could participate.)

After you have practiced each of these three skills, respond to the following questions in writing, for each of the three skills. Your essay should be at least 200 words.

What did you find most challenging about mastering this skill? Why?
What did you find easiest about mastering this skill? Why?
Assignment Guidelines:
Your answers should:

clearly demonstrate that you understand the discreet steps of the skills;
specify individual steps that you found both challenging and easy;
demonstrate your ability to effectively reflect on your own athletic abilities; and
be at least one paragraph, (double spaced-12 point font) for each skill.

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