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Literature Review Grading Criteria

Student’s Name: ___________________________________ Date ______________

Professor: ____________________________________________________________

Grading Criteria

Possible Points

Student’s Score

I. Format


1. Title page that includes name, topic, course title, date, instructor.


2. Structure

a) Neatly typewritten

b) Spelling and grammar

c) Logical topic development


3. Length (1 – 2 page[s] not counting title page)


4. APA general formatting rules and citations throughout paper


II. Content


A. Introduction


B. Discussion of Empirical literature


C. Critique

a. Inclusion of Relevant literature

b. Currency of sources

c. Breadth of the Review

d. Synthesis of Strengths and weaknesses of available evidence

e. Ethical issues: this is an acknowledgement of ethics use within chosen empirical articles


D. Summary is concise

· Judgment about content – availability of information in field, appropriateness to focus, need for more or different types of research


III. Table


Attached tables with

a. Results of refined searches and databases searched

b. Qualitative and Quantitative studies.

IV. References


1. APA style

2. Article criteria: <5 years, nurse authored, peer

3. Reviewed, USA published

Only obligatory: an empirical research reference is the article itself – reference at top of bibliography per example on OWL website. Please use headings as reflected in A, B, & C.

Total Points


APA format reference that you may use for free:


It is recommended that you upload your paper into Turnitin on D2L to check for plagiarism prior to submission to your professor. Also, to check for correct grammar, use the Grammar Tutor on D2L.

Professor’s comments:


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