Typifies the traditional research paper that students complete while finishing a degree in psychology

Typifies the traditional research paper that students complete while finishing a degree in psychology. Each student will submit a paper of approximately 8-12 pages in length (double-spaced in American Psychological Association Publication Manual format) on a topic related to the course.When developing your topics, please identify a very specific area to research, as topics that are very broad do not allow the student ample time to discuss the issue in depth. If there is an area of the field in which you are interested and are having difficulty developing a research paper topic, please discuss the issue with your instructor. (I was thinking about writing about Antisocial personality disorder.)It is expected that this research paper will constitute an original work on your part, using relevant citations from the professional literature, thoughtfully developing a thesis statement, and providing a logical conclusion. As such, this paper should be in such a form as to permit submission to a local, regional, or national psychological conference.

2Psychology Research CareersImagine you are an academic advisor and you are working at a booth at a University fair. You want to explain the career possibilities and real world usefulness of research in psychology.Post your talking points, of at least 250 words including the following:Highlights careers in psychology that utilize research in psychologyAt least one example of a study, taken from a peer-reviewed source that addresses real world issues.

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