Choose two of the following prompts:
What is the advantage of not seeing or hearing from Mr. and Mrs. Wright?
Describe how the setting establishes the atmosphere for the play.
Where are Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters while Mr. Hale explains how the murder was discovered? What does the women’s location convey about the relationship between the men and the women?
What kind of woman was Minnie Foster before she married John Wright? How did marriage change her?
What kind of man was John Wright? Why did his wife kill him?
Why do the men fail to discover the clues that Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters find?
What is the significance of the birdcage and the dead bird?
How do the men’s words and actions reveal their attitudes toward women?
Explain the significance of the following line: “We call it–knot it, Mr. Henderson.”
Do you think Trifles is the appropriate title? Why or why not?
If you have any questions as you work, be sure to let me know!
Glaspell, S. (2004/2011). Trifles. In S. Shell & S. Brown (Eds.).
Project Gutenberg. Retrieved from

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