Therapist, Counselor, or Mentor Interview

Therapist, Counselor, or Mentor Interview

Therapists, Counselors, and Coaches fall into the category of helping professionals.  In these positions, the therapist, counselor, or coach is called upon to support, encourage, correct behavior, teach skills, and empower individuals. Mentors are often professionals that are willing to share their experiences and knowledge to help others advance in some way. Like Therapists, Counselors, and Coaches they take on a supportive role with those they work with. While some of the techniques and skills utilized in each field are similar, there are distinct differences as well.

To complete this assignment, interview a Therapist, Counselor, or Mentor. The purpose of the interview is to gather information about the knowledge, skills, techniques, and theories that grounds the work your selected professional does. You should start your paper by reviewing literature on the role of the Therapist, Counselor, or Mentor.

Use the questions below as a guide for your interview:

  • What knowledge is necessary to carry out your job or commitment to your clients or mentees?
  • What skills sets are needed?
  • What techniques do you utilize?
  • What theory grounds the work you do?
  • How would you compare the work that you carry out to that of an executive coach?
  • What best practices can you share with respect to your field?

You may add additional questions as you deem necessary to gather information. After completing the interview, write an 8-9 page paper discussing your findings and comparing the role of the Therapist, Counselor, or Mentor to the role of an Executive Coach.

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