The relationship between income, inflation, and foreign direct investment in Paraguay, Turkey, and China

Please use the attached scholarly articles. You don’t have to use all of them.

Instructions from Syllabus:
1.    The final project is an individual research paper that studies the correlation among three international equity markets and their countries Income, Inflation and their Foreign Direct Investment.
2.    The selection of the countries to study is free.
3.    The format of this research paper requires the following sections:
a.    Abstract
b.    Introduction
c.    Literature Review
d.    Methodology
e.    Data
f.    Results
g.    Conclusion
h.    References
4.    There is no limit for the length of each section. However, it is important to include at least five research papers as reference of this project, and you should use linear regression as methodology.
5.    The final grade of this research project will be based on (1) Format, (2) Structure, (3) Content required, (4) Depth of your Analysis and Conclusion.
VERY IMPORTANT: this project has to follow the APA format style.

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