Briefly summarize Conard’s and Wallace’s arguments about the relationship between education, the self, and society. How does each text use rhetoric (persuasive language) to make its point? Then think on ALL the texts we’ve read so far. What ideas stand out to you about the relationship between education and work? What texts seem to agree or disagree with each other? Use at least one direct quote from each text you discuss. 2 pages.

Paper sources use links to those two URL:

discuss actual details from the readings.Try to talk about how each article is structured, including quotes and relevant details.Try not to suggest that both texts have ALL the same ideas since that’s not actually true.there are no outside sources allowed in this class. Your response should just focus on what YOU understood from the readings.If you’re using another author’s language, it should be in quotes. I would suggest that you pull more direct quotes from the readings, and then attempt to explain what those quotes mean.

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