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Question 1


Windows Servers use __________ to maintain security and support dial-in users.











Question 2


The __________ menu on a Windows 9x computer allows you to add, modify, or remove various network components.


WINS Configuration




DNS Configuration


Network Properties




Question 3


DNS naming of Windows objects is an important __________ feature of Active Directory.












Question 4


The disk partition where Active Directory is installed:


must be NTFS formatted.


must be FAT16 formatted.


must be FAT32 formatted.


may be NTFS or FAT32 formatted.




Question 5


NetBEUI is a specialized Microsoft protocol used in __________.


Windows Server 2008 networks


Windows Server 2003 networks


Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008 networks


Windows for Workgroups



Question 6


A __________ is required to translate a domain name to an IP address.




DHCP server


DNS server


client workstation



Question 7


When adding a client to a Windows network using DHCP, the DHCP server automates assignment of:


IP addresses, computer name, and subnet mask.


IP addresses, subnet mask, and DNS servers.


IP addresses, domain name, and subnet mask.


IP addresses, domain name, and computer name.




Question 8


The Windows 2000 Configure Your Server application sidebar menu selections include __________.


Active Directory and Disk Administrator


File Server and My Documents


Print Server and Networking


Web Server and Disk Administrator




Question 9


In a Windows server domain, __________ maintain(s) all user profiles.


the systems administrator


the primary domain controller


a back-up domain controller


the primary domain controller and a back-up domain controller




Question 10


Windows Active Directory can be run on:


Windows NT servers only.


Windows 200x servers only.


both Windows NT and Windows 200x servers.


Windows Vista and Windows XP.




Question 11


The security accounts manager (SAM) database contains information on all user profiles. User account set-up populates the database. Describe the fields and options associated with user account set-up.


Question 12


Workgroup networks are small. Domain networks are larger. List at least three other distinctions found in a comparison of workgroups and domains.


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