Technology and Job Design

Read the following information on Technology and Job Design then write an essay of at least 250 words in length describing how Palm Beach State College might apply process reengineering to the institution’s course registration process.

Technology and Job Design:

Sociotechnical systems is an organizational behavior concept that reflects the importance of integrating people and technology to create high-performance work systems. As computers and information technologies continue to dominate the modern workplace, the sociotechnical systems concept is essential for job design.

Automation and robotics:

Automation allows machines to do work previously accomplished by human beings. Automation increasingly involves the use of robots.

Flexible manufacturing systems:

In flexible manufacturing systems, adaptive computer-based technologies and integrated job designs are used to shift work easily and quickly among alternative products. Workers in flexible manufacturing systems deal with changeover from one product configuration to another rather the performing routine assembly-line tasks. Workers in flexible manufacturing systems develop expertise across a wide range of functions, thereby enriching the core job characteristics.

Electronic offices:

Continuing developments in electronic offices offer job enrichment possibilities for those workers equipped to handle the technology. Jobs in electronic offices can be stressful and difficult for those people who do not have the necessary education or skills. People who work continuously with computers may experience physical ailments associated with repetitive movements. Technology must be carefully integrated with the human factor.

Workflow and Process Reengineering:

Process reengineering is the analysis, streamlining, and reconfiguration of actions and tasks required to reach a work goal. The typical activities in process value analysis are:

  1. Identify the core processes.
  2. Map the core processes in respect to workflows.
  3. Evaluate all tasks for the core processes.
  4. Search for ways to eliminate unnecessary tasks or work.
  5. Search for ways to eliminate delays, errors, and misunderstandings.
  6. Search for efficiencies in how work is shared and transferred among people and departments.

One simple question drives the process reengineering approach: “What is necessary and what else can be eliminated?”


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