Summary/Reflection Of Survey NEED ASAP

Summary/Reflection Of Survey NEED ASAP

Utilize the “Rokeach Values Survey” to help you determine your values hierarchy, which will assist you in the development of your personal model of leadership. Note that when the instructions mention a box, it is referring to the space/line beside a value. After ranking the values according to the instructions, identify your top three terminal values and your top three instrumental values.

Submit a 500-word reflection that identifies your values hierarchy and explains the significance it might have on your leadership style.

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

Rokeach Value Survey

On the following two pages are two lists of values, each in alphabetical order. Each value is accompanied by a short description and a blank space. Your goal is to rank each value in its order of importance to you for each of the two lists. Study each list and think of how much each value may act as a guiding principle in your life.

To begin, select the value that is of most importance to you. Write the number 1 in the blank space next to that value. Next, choose the value is of second in importance to you and write the number 2 in the blank next to it. Work your way through the list until you have ranked all 18 values on this page. The value that is of least importance to you should appear in Box 18.

When you have finished ranking all 18 values, turn the page and rank the next 18 values in the same way. Please do each page separately.

When ranking, take your time and think carefully. Feel free to go back and change your order should you have second thoughts about any of your answers. When you have completed the ranking of both sets of values, the result should represent an accurate picture of how you really feel about what’s important in your life.

Page 1

A Comfortable Life ___11__  
a prosperous life    
Equality ___5__  
brotherhood and equal opportunity for all    
An Exciting Life ___12__  
a stimulating, active life    
Family Security ___4__  
taking care of loved ones    
Freedom ___7__  
independence and free choice    
Health ___3__  
physical and mental well-being    
Inner Harmony ___1__  
freedom from inner conflict    
Mature Love ___6__  
sexual and spiritual intimacy    
National Security ___8__ Terminal Values
protection from attack    
Pleasure ___17__  
an enjoyable, leisurely life    
Salvation ___2__  
saved; eternal life    
Self-Respect ___9__  
A Sense of Accomplishment ___10__  
a lasting contribution    
Social Recognition ___18__  
respect and admiration    
True Friendship ___13__  
close companionship    
Wisdom ___14__  
a mature understanding of life    
A World at Peace ___15__  
a world free of war and conflict    
A World of Beauty ___16__  
beauty of nature and the arts    

Page 2

Ambitious ___4__  
hardworking and aspiring    
Broad-minded ___6__  
Capable __5___  
competent; effective    
Clean ___18__  
neat and tidy    
Courageous _1____  
standing up for your beliefs    
Forgiving ___7__  
willing to pardon others    
Helpful ___2__  
working for the welfare of others    
Honest ___8__  
sincere and truthful    
Imaginative ___11__ Instrumental Values
daring and creative    
Independent ___9__  
self-reliant; self-sufficient    
Intellectual ___10__  
intelligent and reflective    
Logical ___14__  
consistent; rational    
Loving ___12__  
affectionate and tender    
Loyal ___3__  
faithful to friends or the group    
Obedient ___13__  
dutiful; respectful    
Polite ___17__  
courteous and well-mannered    
Responsible ___15__  
dependable and reliable    
Self-controlled ___16__  
restrained; self-disciplined    

Page 3

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