In a two (2) to three (3) page (maximum) written paper include the following information to demonstrate your understanding of Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders using DSM-5

criteria: Include both I and II:

I: Discuss your understanding of (A) Substance Use Disorders


(B) Substance- Induced Disorders (p. 481-490 in DSM-5).


In addition, choose only one the following two disorders and fully discuss the most salient criteria for one of these disorders:

1. Alcohol Use Disorder (pages 490-497 in DSM-5). Focus mostly on Alcohol Use Disorder and briefly comment on the other Alcohol-Related Disorders (as listed on page 490 in DSM-5).

1. Opioid Use Disorder (pages 540-550 in DSM-5): Focus mostly on Opioid Use Disorder and briefly comment on the other Opioid –Related Disorders (as listed on page 540 in DSM-5). Include your understanding of the specification: “on maintenance therapy”. Please note that a 2-3 page paper is quite short to cover this topic. Therefore, you should fully understand

these topics and succinctly narrow down the information to provide a comprehensive overview of the

assignment topics. At the very least you must include all required components indicated in this assignment to get full credit. Do not just list diagnostic criteria; explain things in your own words.

Do not use DSM IV-TR or any other version of the DSM other than DSM-5. The page numbers noted above are found in the DSM-5. Follow APA style with a cover page and a reference page (which do not count toward your two (2) to three (3) pages of content). Please do not write more than three (3) content pages.

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