Submission Letter

Submission Letter

Management Trainee

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Million Dollar Baby Co.

My name is Teddy and I’m the CEO of MDB Co.

We design and manufacture the best juvenile furniture in the world, from the  most eco-conscious cribs on the market  to the  most iconic and award-winning design s in the industry. Based just east of downtown Los Angeles, we are a family business built on the talents of 100 smart, entrepreneurially-wired, and self-motivated people with diverse backgrounds and interests.

Over the years, we have developed 7 leading brands of baby products and an in-house start-up, Capsule Home, which sells home furnishings direct to consumer.

I see it as my top priority to cultivate a place where you will learn, grow, and be valued.  We don’t have everything figured out, but we do learn quickly with and from each other!  It’s important to me that all of our teams enjoy coming to work every day and make an impactful contribution to not only our company but our customers as well.  Come and visit us, I think you’ll see and feel the difference right when you walk through the door!

– Teddy

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Job Summary:

We are looking for a Management Trainee that can thrive in a constantly changing environment which involves uncommon commitment and occasional hardship, as well as unique rewards and opportunities. A decision to become a Management Trainee should be based on extraordinary motivation and strong dedication to continuous learning and development. This is a 2-year commitment rotating in various teams throughout the organization.   Are you determined to train even harder to get there? If you love to create the present, as well as shape the future, our Management Trainee Program provides you with numerous opportunities to build the career of your dreams. Rotational teams include:

· Consumer Support

· Operations

· Logistics (inbound/outbound)

· Warehouse Operations

· Marketing/Branding

· Sales

· Accounting/Finance

· IT

You’ll have the opportunity to get to know the various departments, work in cross-functional teams, develop detailed specialist knowledge and a wide network, in addition to independent projects.  Qualifications: To be considered for the Management Trainee position, you must have a Bachelor’s degree (graduating within 12 months or graduated less than 12 months ago) along with the following requirements:

· Excellent presentation and communication skills

· The ability to manage relationships and diversity

· Planning and organizational skills

· Customer-oriented focus

· Analytical skills combined with a strong drive for results

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