Strategic Marketing

Q.    For this assignment, we will apply knowledge & learning’s from this week’s readings on building customer personas. Please develop a consumer persona, outlining the key aspects from the persona template. The provide us a brief overview with your consumer persona profile. 

Feel free to embed images, or use PPT, or another tool to outline your recommendation in your post.

– Customer Persona template is attached below

– Notes of the chapter are attached below

Strategic Marketing

Job title
Average income
Buying behavior
Interests & activities
Life stage

[Persona name]




Customer pain point Customer goal How your business / product can help?
[Example: We have trouble keeping our fans on social media engaged because we only have so much time to dedicate to each network.] [Example: We want to be able to engage our social media audience and save time.] [Example: Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts and messages across networks from a single dashboard.]
Pain point #2 Goal #2 Your solution #2
Pain point #3 Goal #3 Your solution #3
Pain point #4 Goal #4 Your solution #4


Pain points and goals

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