A strategic analysis/presentation of that organization . If the presentation does not load unto blackboard please either post or send me a link to a shared drive or e-mail me the material. Please post under presentation tab. See below description from syllabus.

On-line Presentation: Each student will analyze the organization in which they have served their internship from a strategic perspective using the tools from the course and the textbook. Each student will be required to prepare and post online a professional presentation-using PowerPoint or another audio-visual support platform. The presentation will due the last day of class. Students should prepare this presentation as if they are trying to convince top management about the validity of their recommendations. The online presentation should include the following topics/slides with explanations provided either through voice-over and/or notes:

  1. Overview of the Organization
  2. Mission/Vision/Goals/Objectives
  3. Generic Strategy/Strategic Approach
  4. Macroeconomic Analysis
  5. Industry Analysis
  6. Competitor Analysis
  7. VIRO (competitive advantage)
  8. Value Chain Analysis
  9. Functional Analysis including financials
  10. SWOT analysis
  11. Recommendations based upon SWOT Analysis
  12. References

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