Jackson County judges try thousands of cases per year. In an overwhelming majority of the cases disposed, the verdict stands as rendered. However, some cases are appealed, and of those appealed, some of the cases are reversed. Jackie Chan of The Star Tribune conducted a study of cases handled by Jackson County judges over a three-year period. In the Excel file, Judges, linked at the bottom of the page, are the results for the 182,908 cases handled (disposed) by 40 judges in Common Pleas Court, Domestic Relations Court, and Municipal Court.

The purpose of the newspaper’s study was to evaluate the performance of the judges. The newspaper wanted to know which judges were doing a good job and which ones were making too many mistakes. You are to assist in the data analysis by using your knowledge of probability and conditional probability to help with the ranking of each of the judges, as well as each court.

Managerial Report
Prepare a report (see below) with your ranking of the judges based on the probabilities and conditional probabilities, as well as the analysis of each court. Include the following seven (7) items in table format to support your ranking. Be sure to use five (5) decimal places for your probabilities in the table, as some of them will be quite small.

The probability of cases being appealed in each of the three different courts.

The probability of cases being reversed in each of the three different courts.

The probability of cases being reversed given an appeal in each of the three different courts.

The probability of a case being appealed for each judge.

The probability of a case being reversed for each judge.

The probability of reversal, given an appeal for each judge.

Rank the judges within each court for each of the probabilities in 4 – 6. In other words, only rank the judges in the Common Pleas court against the other judges in the Common Pleas court. perfrom the same analysis for the other two courts. Then, within each court, find the sum of the ranks and get an overall ranking for each judge. Evaluate and discuss the meaning of your results. Use tables, charts, graphs, or visual dashboards to support your findings.

Your report must contain the following:

A title page in APA style.

An introduction that summarizes the problem.

The body of the paper should answer the questions posed in the problem by communicating the results of your analysis. Include results of calculations, as well as charts and graphs, where appropriate.

A conclusion paragraph that addresses your findings and what you have determined from the data and your analysis.

Submit your Excel file in addition to your report.

Court Judge Disposed Appealed Reversed P(Appeal) Rank by P(A) P(Reversal) Rank by P(R) P(R|A) Rank by P(R|A) Sum of Ranks Overall Rank
Common Pleas Peter Tom 3252 211 9                
  Angela M. Mazzarelli 4523 23 5                
  Richard T. Andrias 5231 61 8                
  David Friedman 3215 33 4                
  John W. Sweeny Jr. 3452 145 2                
  Rolando T. Acosta 3431 64 8                
  David B. Saxe 1236 46 3                
  Karla Moskowitz 3211 74 5                
  Dianne T. Renwick 1257 123 2                
  Leland G. DeGrasse 1537 53 7                
  Helen E. Freedman 1054 216 3                
  Rosalyn H. Richter 2176 36 22                
  Sallie Manzanet-Daniels 1567 43 31                
  Paul G. Feinman 2164 262 53                
  Judith J. Gische 2686 197 12                
  Darcel D. Clark 3953 175 25                
Domestic Relations John A. Lahtinen 8362 43 3                
  Leslie E. Stein 6572 21 6                
  William E. McCarthy 9321 8 3                
  Edward O. Spain 6244 34 5                
Municipal Elizabeth A. Garry 3542 31 6                
  John C. Egan Jr. 3285 23 34                
  Peter Tom 8757 38 7                
  Angela M. Mazzarelli 3463 7 3                
  Richard T. Andrias 7424 45 1                
  David Friedman 9345 32 3                
  John W. Sweeny Jr. 7533 84 5                
  Rolando T. Acosta 5764 43 7                
  David B. Saxe 5822 3 3                
  Karla Moskowitz 3631 7 5                
  Dianne T. Renwick 5645 5 0                
  Leland G. DeGrasse 6434 34 3                
  Helen E. Freedman 3453 8 2                
  Rosalyn H. Richter 3521 45 6                
  Sallie Manzanet-Daniels 6757 52 7                
  Paul G. Feinman 1273 4 3                
  Judith J. Gische 6753 9 1                
  Darcel D. Clark 9825 6 3                
  Luis A. Gonzalez 3421 12 2                
  Leslie E. Stein 2816 12 3                


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