The COLORED text in this email body is all the work to do… and on the “Chapter 4 Template” document, the highlighted stuff is what I need written up.

I’m sending you TWO datasets, one is used for the ELA only, the other for MATH only. The MATH only is split for the math test taken. I need the ELA as one whole group regardless of math test taken.
I’m sending you two outputs and two datasets. If the outputs make no sense, please feel free to re-run the data as you see fit.
    1. WorkingDataSet1.SplitMATH.ONLY.sav is for obviously math analyses only.
    2. PracticeDataSetCh4ELA.Only.sav is NOT SPLIT and is only for the ELA analyses…
    1. WorkingOutput2forMathOnly.spv is the analysis I have been attempting for the math portions only. It’s split into math tests (I erased the General Math, Integrated and High School math output because it is not being used in my paper).
    2. Practice2Output3.spv is the analysis I have been attempting for ELA… you can see I was also playing around with multiple datasets, but hopefully you will see what I am trying to analyze.
I’m also sending you the
Chapter 4 Template, a “rubric” type recipe for the chapter 4 writeup. I need help with the
highlighted portions, not the whole thing. I hate the APA writeup stuff….
And I think you already have the original .xls version of the data. If all else fails and I’ve messed it all up, by all means start over..
*#-o d'oh!
Gosh, I hope this makes sense. Finally, what I’m trying to figure out is if there are differences among the groups of students who passed 5/6 tests and using the group who passed 6/6 to make a comparison.
The purpose of the current study is to determine if there are any combination(s) of five of the six components of the FITNESSGRAM test of physical fitness that influence the percentile scores achieved on four subject areas of the CST for 9th grade students in a California school district. Students must successfully complete at least five of the six components of the FITNESSGRAM standardized physical fitness test to receive a passing score for physical fitness.
…… so you can understand what I’m studying.
  • Dependent Variables: ELA, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry
  • Independent Variables: 6/6 passing (no weakness), and each of the weakness in FITNESSGRAM
  • Covariates: Sex, eth (ethnicity), OLP (English Language Level), add API (school academic performance index) if you think it will give more information
  • Confidence Interval .95
  • No homogeneity of variance, so do post hoc as needed.
If something doesn’t make sense or you don’t understand something, PLEASE call/email/text… Let me know ASAP if you need help understanding my garble… I color coded the “work” to be done… if that helps a little! When you get this, would you also let me know what kind of time this may end up taking you?

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