Describe the internal context of the company. For instance, what are the company’s valuable resources and capabilities? What are the company’s core competences? Is its internal organization, operations, systems and processes consistent with its environment and strategy? (1 page and half)

Global Awareness

: Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the interrelatedness of

local, global, international, and intercultural issues, trends, and systems.


Using the company assigned to your team, Assess and list the major socio-cultural, economic,

legal and geo-political issues and trends facing this company. Briefly describe how these might present a

challenge to the company when expanding globally (Maximum 2 pages).

Global Perspective:

Students will be able to conduct a multi-perspective analysis of local, global,

international, and intercultural problems.


Identify the core competencies of this company. Identify at least two strategies the company

can employ when transferring these core abilities to the international business arena. Justify your answer.

(Max. 1 page)

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