Staff Mix in Nursing

Staff Mix in Nursing

Due to the increased number of veterans returning from the current war with injuries related to limb loss, spinal cord injury and many other mobility issues, it has become necessary for Eagle General Medical Center to open a state of the art rehabilitation unit and will have ten inpatient beds. Some of the injured have deep psychological as well as physical wounds. You will be the nurse manager and will be an active participant in the planning of this new unit. The staff will consist of a nurse manager and fifteen nursing staff. You can determine the staff mix (RNs, aides etc.) Based on your knowledge of nursing management, please address the following items. Use the NUR 4560 required textbook and at least three additional references to create a well detailed plan. The paper should have five (5) pages maximum, not including Title and reference page. Cite all references using appropriate APA format. (There must be evidence of participation by all group members.)

Method of Evaluation:

Identify the leadership style you will use and explain why you will use that style. What will be the role of delegation in the operation of your unit? How will conflict be handled?
Describe the staff mix and justify it. How will you recruit staff?
Identify any ethical issues that you may have to confront.
How will you plan for continuous quality improvements?

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