In order to discern whether Zweig is doing better than just
guessing (50% correct), we will employ the 3S strategy:

 a. Statistic: How many times did Zweig pick the correct
object? Out of how many attempts?

 b. Simulate: Using an applet, simulate 1,000 repetitions of
having Zweig choose between the two objects if she is doing so randomly.

 c. Based on the value of the statistic from part (a), do
you think the chance model is wrong? Why or why not?

 d. Strength of evidence: Based on your answers for (a)–(c),
state your conclusions about the research question of whether the data provide
convincing evidence that Zweig can correctly follow this type of direction by
an experimenter more than 50% of the time?

 e. Are the results of this study statistically signify cant
or are the chance model plausible? How are you deciding?

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