1) In a bag of marbles, there are 6 blue marbles and 9red marbles. You pick one marble out of the bag and? then, without replacing the first? marble, you pick another marble out of the bag. How many ways can you pick two blue marbles?

2) In a bag of marbles, there are 3 blue? marbles, 4 red?marbles, and 5 green marbles. You pick three marbles out of a bag one at a time without replacement. How many ways can you pick two blue marbles first and one red marble?last? You can pick two blue marbles first and one red marble last in ___ways

3)To use an automated teller machine at a certain? bank, you must enter a 4-digit code, using the digits 1- 9 How many 4-digit codes are possible if repetition of digits is? permitted?

There are ___possible codes

4) An identification code is to consists of 4 letters followed by 2 digits. Determine the following.

?a) How many different codes are possible if repetition of letters is ?permitted, repetition of numbers is not? permitted, and the first three entries must all be the same? letter?

?b) How many different codes are possible if the first letter must be an ?A, ?B, ?C, or D and repetition is not? permitted?

The number of possible codes is _________

5) License plate tags in a particular state are to consist of 3 letters followed by 4 digits with repeated letters and digits allowed. How many different license plate tags can there be in this? state? There are ____ different license plate tags.

6) A company wants to have 4-digit phone extensions with the first digit not being zero.

How many different phone extensions are possible?

7) At a computer? store, a customer is considering 7 different?computers, 10 different? monitors, 6

different printers and 4 different scanners. Assuming that each of the components is compatible with one another and that one of each is to be? selected, determine the number of different computer systems possible

There are ______ different computer systems possible

8) A popular brand of a pen is available in 4 colors and 2 writing tips. How many different choices of pens do you have with this? brand?

There are ____ different choices of pens with this brand

9) An ice cream store sells 5 drinks, in 3 sizes, and 6 flavors. In how many ways can a customer order a? drink?

There are ___ ways that the customer can order a drink

10) A restaurant offers the following limited lunch menu.

Main Courses

Ham, Chicken, Fish


Corn comma Green Beans


Coffee comma Tea comma Milk comma Soda


Ice Cream comma Brownies

If one item is selected from each of the four? groups, in how many ways can a meal be? ordered?

There are ___ ways a meal can be ordered

11) You are taking a? multiple-choice test that has 8 questions. Each of the questions has 3 answer? choices, with one correct answer per question. If you select one of these choices for each question and leave nothing? blank, in how many ways can you answer the? questions? You can answer the question in ___ ways

12) A stock can go? up, go? down, or stay unchanged. How many possibilities are there if you own 7 stocks? There are ____ possibilities with 7 stocks

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