Refer to Exercise 8.31.

a. Compare the mean scores for the three divisions using an appropriate multiplecomparison procedure. Use a  .05.

b. What can you conclude about the differences in mean scores and the nature of the divisions from which any differences arise?

Exercise 8.31

Salary disputes and their eventual resolutions often leave both employers and employees embittered by the entire ordeal. To assess employee reactions to a recently devised salary and fringe benefits plan, the personnel department obtained random samples of 15 employees from each of three divisions in the company: manufacturing, marketing, and research. The personnel staff asked each employee sampled to respond (in confidence) to a series of questions. Several employees refused to cooperate, as reflected in the unequal sample sizes. The data are given here:

The data given above are the average responses from the employees, with larger scores reflecting a higher degree of satisfaction with management.

a. Write a model for this situation. Make sure to identify all the terms in your model.

b. Based on the summary of the scored responses, is there significant evidence of a difference among the three divisions with respect to their levels of satisfaction with management?

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