Explain the three categories of statistical quality control (SQC). How are they different, what different information do they provide, and how can they be used together?

Describe three recent situations in which you were directly affected by poor product or service quality

Discuss the key differences between common and assignable causes of variation. Give examples.

Describe a quality control chart and how it can be used. What are the upper and lower control limits? What does it mean if an observation falls outside the control limits?

Explain the differences between x-bar and R-charts. How can they be used together and why would it be important to use them together?

Explain the use of p-charts and c-charts. When would you use one rather than the other? Give examples of measurements for both p-charts and c-charts.

Explain what is meant by process capability. Why is it important? What does it tell us? How can it be measured?

Describe the process of acceptance sampling. What types of sampling plans are there? What is acceptance sampling used for?

Describe the concept of six-sigma quality. Why is such a high quality level important?

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