Are people involved in alcohol-related accidents on public roadways in the United States just as likely to survive on Super Bowl Sunday as on other Sundays? To help answer this question, investigators looked at data for alcohol-related crashes during the 4 hours after the telecast of the first 27 Super Bowls. They compared these data with the data for alcohol-related crashes during the same time period on the Sundays the week before and immediately after the Super Bowl Sundays. Display 10.75 gives the number of people who were killed and who survived alcohol-related crashes for the 27 Super Bowl Sundays and the 54 control Sundays.

a. Is this an experiment, a sample survey, or an observational study?

 b. Does the comparison of the survival rates on the two types of Sundays call for a test of homogeneity or a test of independence? Defend your choice.

 c. Is there a statistically significant association between the type of Sunday and whether a person survived an alcohol-related accident? State your conclusion carefully, in light of parts a and b.

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