Linda Olson owns a professional character business in a large metropolitan area. She hires local college students to play these characters at children’s parties and other events. Linda provides balloons, cupcakes, and punch. For a standard party the cost on a per-person basis is as follows:

Linda is quite certain about the estimates of the materials and labour costs, but is not as comfortable with the overhead estimate. The overhead estimate was based on the actual data for the past 9 months, which are presented here. These data indicate that overhead costs vary with the direct labour-hours used. The $40 estimate was determined by dividing total overhead costs for the 9 months by total labour-hours.

Linda has recently become aware of regression analysis. She estimated the following regression equation with overhead costs as the dependent variable and labour-hours as the independent variable:

y = $43,563 + $14.66X


1.       Plot the relationship between overhead costs and labour-hours. Draw the regression line and evaluate it using the criteria of economic plausibility, goodness of fit, and slope of the regression line.

2.       Using data from the regression analysis, what is the variable cost per person for a standard party?

3.        Linda Olson has been asked to prepare a bid for a 20-child birthday party to be given next month. Determine the minimum bid price that Linda would be willing to submit to recoup variable costs.

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