For the Mars rocks and soil samples taken together, the fitted slope is 0.6268, with an estimated standard error of 0.11. Use your calculator to compute the t-statistic and find the P-value for testing the hypothesis that the true slope is 0. State your conclusion.  Chirping. Display 11.25 shows the number of times a cricket chirped per second and the air temperature at the time of the chirping. Some people claim that they can tell the temperature by counting cricket chirps.

a. Fit a straight line to the data that could be used to predict the temperature from the

b. Make a residual plot of (chirp rate, residual) and a dot plot of the residuals to check conditions.

 c. Use the Minitab printout in Display 11.26 to test whether there is a linear relationship between the chirp rate and the temperature.

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