Personalon Suppose that female and male plicants have been card for the position in the 13th what is the sleding

(A) 3 female and 2 male?
(b) 4 maand 1 mate?
ICtomates Dj
Allaste I
A) The problemas de som
Type de Round towe deci)
Personas selection Suppose that e female and malo solicants have been successfully crowned for 8 positions. If the posters are ad attendom om het finalists, what is the probability of selecting
(A) 3 females and 2 males?
(B) 4 females and 1 male?
(C) 5 females?
(D) At least females?
(A) The probability of selecting 3 females and 2 males is approximately
(Type a decimal. Round to three decimal places.) 2

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