Interactive video games and physical fitness. Wii Fit is an interactive video game marketed to consumers who want to increase their physical fitness level. The effectiveness of Wii Fit activities relative to other physical activities was investigated in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health (Vol. 7, 2010). A sample of 15 young adults (ages 21–38 years) participated in the study. Each adult completed a total of eight activities—rest, handheld gaming, Wii yoga, Wii muscle conditioning, Wii balance, Wii aerobics, brisk treadmill walking, and treadmill jogging. At the end of each session, the heart rate (beats per minute) of the participant was recorded. Since the goal was to compare mean heart rates across the eight activities, and since each adult completed all activities, a randomized block design ANOVA was conducted.

a. Identify the treatments for this experiment.

b. Identify the blocks for this experiment.

c. The ANOVA F-test for treatments resulted in a p-value of .001. Interpret this result using  = .01.

d. Multiple comparisons (with an experimentwise error rate of .05) of the mean heart rates for the eight activities revealed the following

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