Consider a transconductance amplifier having the model shown in Table 1.1 with R = 5 k2, R = 50 k S2, and G = 10 mA/V. If the amplifier load consists of a resistance R, in parallel with a capacitance CL, convince yourself that the voltage transfer function realized. V/V, is of the low-pass STC type. What is the lowest value that R, can have while a de gain of at least 40 dB is obtained? With this value of R, connected, find the highest value that can have while a 3-dB bandwidth of at least 100 kHz is obtained Ans. 12.5 k2; 159.2 pF Table 1.1 The Four Amplifier Types Type Circuit Model Gain Parameter Ideal Characteristics Voltage Amplifier Open-Circuit Voltage Gain R=00 R=0 A. = Low v SR Current Amplifier Short-Circuit Current Gain 4, (A/A) Fil- R=0 R, = 00 <> SR. Short-Circuit Transconductance Transconductance Amplifier R = 00 R=00 G 2 (A/V) v SR <> SR. o Open-Circuit Transresistance Transresistance Amplifier R= (VA) OO lili,-0

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