Which sectors influenced the development of brand
management models?

a. Academic researchers

b. Advertising agencies

c. Financial markets

d. All of these 1 points

QUESTION 65 It is said brands are co-created. What is not an
example of co-creation?

a. Working directly with users to shape brand meaning

b. Assuming the user will accept the brand’s identity as you
communicate it

c. Undertaking research to understand users’ lives

d. Tracking how users converse about the brand in fan forums
online 1 points

QUESTION 66 Brand meaning is created by ______.

a. users

b. all of these

c. marketers

d. society

QUESTION 67 Sid Levy was influential on the development of brand
management. His main contribution is ______.

a. identifying that brands should stand for functional

b. identifying that brands signify higher-order meaning

c. identifying that brands should represent a personality

d. identifying that creative advertising was critical for

QUESTION 68 Consumer culture theory focuses on understanding,

a. What cues encourage users to buy brands?

b. How consumers use brands to achieve their identity goals?

c. What makes a brand cool?

d. None of these.

QUESTION 69 The first American Marketing Association definition
of a brand contains references to ______.

a. co-creation b. customers c. competitors d. stakeholders

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