Establishing __________ gives the promotional planner a basis for determining what communication tasks need to be accomplished and for specifying particular objectives.

Multiple Choice

  • Information processing model

  • A Hierarchy of effects model

  • A target audience

  • Benchmark measures

7. Recent research supports that consumers ages 18-24 tell this number of friends __________ when they have a positive experience with a brand.

Multiple Choice

  • three

  • four

  • two

  • 10

8. Marketing objectives need to be set before advertising and promotional objectives are set in order for the firm to effectively: __________.

Multiple Choice

  • plan advertising

  • develop an IMC plan

  • make decisions

  • communicate

10. What is known as the ‘universal’ communication objective for advertising programs?

Multiple Choice

  • Trial

  • Brand awareness

  • Brand recall

  • Repeat purchase

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