13. A shampoo company that wanted to determine its target market’s present brand awareness level would need to use: __________.

Multiple Choice

  • observational research

  • benchmark measures

  • a break-even analysis

  • test marketing

14. he advertising objective for Campbell’s soups is to increase awareness from 32% to 65% for the product among women aged 18-34. What element of a good objective is missing?

Multiple Choice

  • Measurable task

  • Time frame

  • Target audience

  • Degree of change

15. Communication that shows consumers how to enjoy a product for other uses is known as a(n) __________ objective.

Multiple Choice

  • repeat purchase

  • repeat consumption

  • brand trial

  • brand switchers

17. __________ purchase the focal brand but also buy other brands within a given relevant time period for the product category.

Multiple Choice

  • Favourable brand switchers

  • Other brand switchers

  • New category users

  • Other brand loyals

Just those 4 questions, thank you so much in advance. I’ll be sure to hit the thumbs up!

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