in java


Write a program that reads books pages and prints the maximum, minimum, and average. follow these instructions:

1. ask the reader how many books she has?

2- use the integer variables ( maxPage, minPage, avgPage) to save the maximum, minimum, and average.

3. create method:

a) BookAppMessage(): this method holds all the functionality you need not just printing and returns nothing

b) GetAverage(int sum, int count): this method takes the summation of all pages and the total number of books and calculate the average number of pages. it returns the average as double.

Output example:

How many books did you read:


Book #1 pages= 120

Book #2 pages= 80

Book #3 pages= 75

Book #4 pages= 50

Book #5 pages= 180

Book #6 pages= 110

The maximum grade is 180

The minimum grade is 50

The average grade is 102.5


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