Please select a research paper from google scholar about language-based security, such as type-safe vs. type-unsafe languages (type safety, memory safety), layered security (bytecode VMs, interpreted languages), control-flow integrity (return-oriented programming attacks & defenses), basic fuzzing, and introduction to formal methods (e.g., the SPIN model- checker). The research paper should have at least 20 citations. Write your own critique for the selected research paper. The article critique should have four main parts:

  1. Introduction (One Paragraph) Include an introductory paragraph:
    • The author’s name(s) and the title of the article
    • The author’s main point
    • A thesis statement that previews your analysis
  1. Summary: Discuss the following in your own words:
    • The main points
    • The arguments presented in
    • The findings of the article
  1. Critique: critique the article by doing the following:
    • Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the article that you noted while critically reading the article.
    • State your informed opinions about the clarity, relevancy, and accuracy of the article, using specific examples from the article to support your state- ments.
  1. Conclusion: End your article critique with a conclusion that does the following:
    • Summarize the key points in the article, as well the key points from your own analysis.

Close with a comment about the significance of the research or a statement of future research needed in the field.

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