create a new Java application called “BackwardsStrings” (without the quotation marks) that:

  1. Prompts the user at the command line for one 3-character string.
  2. Then (after the user inputs that first 3-character string) prompts the user for another 3-character string.
  3. Then prints out the two input strings with a space between them.
  4. Finally prints on a separate line the two input strings ‘in reverse’ (see example below) with a space between them.

So, for example, if the first string is ‘usr’ and the second string is ‘bin’, your program would output something like the following:

The two strings you entered are: usr bin.
The two strings in reverse are: nib rsu.

Note that the reversed SECOND string comes FIRST when printing the strings in reverse.

This program must be completed WITHOUT using loops and without using StringBuilder.

See Horstmann pp. 62-63 for some ideas. Make sure your program includes the command line prompts for the user and that it formats the output appropriately.

Be sure both input strings are three characters in length. If this data validation isn’t passed, output “Invalid string length for one or both inputs.” and do not proceed with further processing of the strings.

Be sure to include a synopsis comment block, documentation in your code body, and sample output of your program runs inside your source code file in all program submissions!

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