You are working in an organization which provides road transportation services within the country and you are competing with your competitors on the basis of cost. Currently, your company has a vast customer base and holds 28% of the total market business which is second-best among your competitors (Dealing in domestic shipment movements via road).

All of your vehicles are primarily running on CNG. In winters season Government has given the intimation of the price raise of CNG by 15%. Moreover, they have announced Monday, Wednesday, & Friday as shutdown for CNG stations due to some technical reasons (Gas pressure, etc.). Another news which is yet not confirmed but has a great probability that the Government is imposing some special vehicle tax on CNG fitted vehicles.

In the light of the above visible potential business/operational risks, please answer, what are the different choices that your organization can opt to tackle these risks? Provide a critical discussion on each risk response option that why and why not that response will be taken. ‘

250-500 words.

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