P.3.6 Reconsider the previous exercise. Continue to assume
that Team A has a 23 probability of beating Team B in any one game. Now suppose
that Team A and Team B play a best-of-three series, meaning that the first team
to win two games wins the series.

 a. If you are a fan of Team A, would you prefer to play a
single game or a best-of-three series or would you have no preference? Explain.

 b. Describe how you could use a six-sided die to simulate
one repetition of a best-of-three series between Teams A and B.

 c. Describe how you could use a six-sided die to
approximate the probability that Team A would win the best-of three series
against Team B.

 d. It turns out that the probability is 0.741 that Team A
would win this best-of-three series against Team B. Interpret what this
probability means.

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