Ethics of salespeople. Within marketing, the area of personal sales has long suffered from a poor ethical image, particularly in the eyes of college students. An article in Journal of Business Ethics (Vol. 15, 1996) investigated whether such opinions by college students are a function of the type of sales job (high tech vs. low tech) and/or the sales task (new account development vs. account maintenance). Four different samples of college students were confronted with the four different situations (new account development in a high-tech sales task, new account development in a low-tech sales task, account maintenance in a high-tech sales task, and account maintenance in a lowtech sales task) and were asked to evaluate the ethical behavior of the salesperson on a 7-point scale ranging from 1 (not a serious ethical violation) to 7 (a very serious ethical violation). Identify each of the following elements of the experiment:

a. Response                         b. Factor(s) and factor level(s)

c. Treatments                     d. Experimental units

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