Absentee rates at a jeans plant. A plant that manufactures denim jeans in the United Kingdom introduced a computerized automated handling system. The new system delivers garments to the assembly line operators by means of an overhead conveyor. Although the automated system minimizes operator handling time, it inhibits operators from working ahead and taking breaks from their machine. A study in New Technology, Work, and Employment (July 2001) investigated the impact of the new handling system on worker absentee rates at the jeans plant. One theory is that the mean absentee rate will vary by day of the week, as operators decide to indulge in 1-day absences to relieve work pressure. Nine weeks were randomly selected, and the absentee rate (percentage of workers absent) determined for each day (Monday through Friday) of the workweek. The data are listed in the table at the top of the next column. Conduct a complete analysis of the data to determine whether the mean absentee rate differs across the 5 days of the workweek.

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