A survey on Internet usage was conducted among a group of 200 students

in the school cafeteria. It was found that 100 students spend at least two hours online every day.
Which of these is an example of descriptive statistics?
a.)50% of the students surveyed spend at least two hours online each day.
b.)50% of the students in the cafeteria spend at least two hours online each day.
c.)50% of the students in a class spend at least two hours online each day.
d.)50% of the students in the school spend at least two hours online each day.
If numbers collected from a survey are measurements, what are these measurements called before you perform any calculations?
a.)biased data
b.)raw data
c.)peer-reviewed data
d.)available data
he amount spent on pet food each month is an example of _____ data.
Which of these data sets represent continuous data?
a.)Heights of members of a baseball team
b.)Monthly salaries of employees
c.)Number of questions answered correctly in a multiple-choice quiz
d.)Numbers of tickets sold for a football game
A researcher is interested in researching weekly earnings in large cities across the country. A survey was conducted among 100 residents in a city to determine their weekly earnings.
Which statement is true?
a.)The residents in the city are the sample.
b.)The surveyed residents are the population.
c.)The residents in the city are the population.
d.)The surveyed residents are the sample.
Which of these random samples qualifies as a representative sample if studying the opinion of the attendees to a business seminar?
a.)35 people whose businesses are related to the topics discussed at the seminar
b.)35 people who attended the seminar
c.)35 people from the company that organized the seminar
d.)35 people who spoke at the seminar
Which of these examples best represents a simple random sample?
a.)Selecting all the students in a group of 50 students.
b.)Using a name generator to pick out 20 names from a group of 100 students.
c.)Selecting every 15th person in a group of 100 volunteers.
d.)Picking out the names of every 10th person from a group of 200 people who drive a car.
Select the statement regarding cluster sampling that is FALSE.
a.)Every element of some groups is included in the sample.
b.)Every element of the total population has an equal probability of being selected.
c.)Some of the groups are randomly selected.
d.)The total population is divided into groups.
Which of these is an example of multi-stage sampling?
a.)Dividing the population of Florida into groups and then making simple random samples of those groups.
b.)Choosing Florida as a sample, then selecting a sample of school districts within Florida, then sampling the number of children in households living in those areas.
c.)Randomly selecting households from the entire population of Florida.
d.)Dividing the total population of Florida into groups and then selecting households in proportion from these groups.

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